I have a cold. It is strange how a cold can just sort of attack you! Bom and then you have it, no questions asked! 

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my mood

So this is a bunch of pictures sent by me and received by my lovely Maria, also called Mary. Mary lives in Thailand, at the moment, and she is by far the person I send most pictures to, of what I am doing during my days. Mostly I just describe how my mood is and this is sort of how it could look like....

1. I just can´t remeber what this one was about.. 
2. The classic, peace pose(and yes I am fourteen) and I gonna wear my grandma's skirt to school.  
3. I could fall asleep standing up, that is how tierd I am, but I have had a good day. 

1. At work bro, what you doing? 
2. I am alone at the family house, but I am happy anyway cause I eat all the sweets I could find.  
3. How you doing gorgeous? 

1. If you come back to sweden I will give you all these flowers! Wanna be my valentine? 
2. I was craving food, found a can of mackerel in tomato sauce. 
3. I want donuts so much I could die. 

1+2. Gooooood morning!!
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